uvledsource.org expands by 13!

uvledsource.org consolidates RadTech and IUVA technical papers on diverse UV LED subjects in a convenient and easy-to-search online resource.  The website provides a go-to reference for those interested in learning more about UV LED technology while also promoting non-commercial contributions from leading members of both RadTech and IUVA organizations.


The collective body of knowledge contained in UV LED conference papers and trade journal articles focused on industrial curing and life science applications has been growing for more than a decade.  Collectively, these publications serve as a testament to the hard work and ingenuity of RadTech and IUVA members engaged in all aspects of UV LED development.  The authored works provide technical insights; document how LED innovations are leading to more efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly UV curing processes; and present scientific advancements fostering new disinfection, purification, and sterilization methods designed to safeguard human health.


uvledsource.org launched in February 2020 with 63 UV LED papers published between 2010 and 2020.  13 new papers from RadTech’s UV.EB 2020 conference and UV.EB Technology magazine were added in March 2021.  This brings the total count to 76!  While both the output of UV LED devices and the viability of UV LED applications have grown and diversified significantly over the past decade, the concepts and trends presented in even the earliest papers remain incredibly relevant, informative, and worth reading.

RadTech and IUVA hope readers will explore our timeless and ever-expanding collection of papers on chemistry, biology, devices and systems, measurement, applications, and numerous other intriguing and thought-provoking UV LED topics. Our goal is for the insight and guidance presented in these papers to foster even more breakthrough LED innovations for industrial curing and life science applications!

Jennifer Heathcote, Business Development Manager, GEW Inc.