Photoinitiator Selection for LED-Cured Coatings

UV LED technology has resulted in in more rigorous performance requirements from photoactive technology including Higher purity/solubility, lessened oxygen sensitivity as well as high functionality at narrow wavelength bands. This paper will discuss how the industry is addressing these new, rigorous demands, what new technology is currently available as well as what we expect to see in the future.

Wyrostek, M.; Salvi, M. (2017). Photoinitiator Selection for LED-Cured Coatings. UV+EB Technology, Issue 2, 12–18.

Originally presented as a technical paper at RadTech 2016.

Wyrostek, M.; Salvi, M. (2016, May 18). Photoinitiator selection for LED cured coatings. UV+EB 2016 Technology Conference [Photoinitiator session]. RadTech North America, Chicago, IL, USA.