Mitigation of Oxygen Inhibition in UV-LED, UVA, and Low Intensity UV Cure

There are known physical and chemical ways to reduce oxygen inhibition or improve surface cure. This paper discusses these methods, provides starting point formulations that use the chemical solutions, and shows the cured coating properties of these formulations.

Arceneaux, Dr. J. (2016). Mitigation of Oxygen Inhibition in UV-LED, UVA and Low-Intensity UV Cure. UV-LED Curing Technology eBook, 126–134.

Originally presented as a technical paper at RadTech UV+EB 2014.

DeGroote, P.; Gevaert, P.; Lindekens, L.; Moulaert, C.; Waldo, R.; Rester, M.; Suchy A. (2014, May 13). Mitigating Chemicals of Concern through the Usage of Novel Energy Curable Acrylate Technology. UV+EB 2014 Technology Conference [Printing + Packaging session]. RadTech North America, Chicago, IL, USA.